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Citrus Heights firefighter couple featured on new ‘Raid The Cage’ TV show

Ashley and Connor, left, stand during an introduction on Raid the Cage. // Image credit: CBS

By Lily Tu–
Two firefighting fiancés from Citrus Heights played in a CBS’ “Raid the Cage” TV show in an episode that aired this month, winning over $130,000 in prizes.

The couple, Ashley and Connor, competed against two New York firefighters in a season one episode that aired Oct. 20 titled “Turning Up the Heat.” The players took turns entering a prize room, racing to grab as many items as possible before their time expired and the doors closed. Before each turn, players answered trivia questions to gain time for their partners to raid the cage. Winners were determined by the team with the highest total dollar value in prizes.

Turns increased in difficulty level with optional challenges added throughout the game, allowing players to earn more prizes by completing a short task. The prize room also featured mystery boxes containing unknown items, including a Luis Vuitton bag and Apple watch that Ashley and Connor won.

The couple led their competitors Steve and David by a margin of over $6,000 in the first round, but the amounts neared a tie after the second and third attempts. During these three rounds, the Citrus Heights couple collected almost $40,000 worth of prizes, beating their competition’s total of $35,756 and qualifying for a final “Beat the Cage” raid.

The “Beat the Cage” raid featured three additional challenge options for the team to complete within 90 seconds. Ashley and Connor raided the cage in tag-team style, together finishing two challenges and gaining over $90,000 worth of the items, exceeding the minimum of $50,000 needed to win. The fiancés won all the prizes they had collected each round, including an Onyx motorbike, Cedarwood Spas hot tub, and a Lexus ES 300, gaining a total value exceeding $130,000.

The couple were identified only by first name as firefighters “from Citrus Heights” when introduced on the show. The Sentinel could not confirm what fire department the pair are employed with.

Sacramento Metro Fire, which provides fire services in Citrus Heights, said the couple are not employees of the fire district but noted the pair may be volunteer firefighters or are employed at another department. An email inquiry to CBS on Oct. 23 was not returned by press time.

The full episode can be watched online at

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