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LETTERS: Traffic, complaints, 94 homes at Sylvan Corners

Latest letters from Citrus Heights Sentinel readers share varying opinions about a 94-home housing development proposed at Sylvan Corners. The City Council on Thursday voted 3-2 to block the proposal, leaving the future of the 11.3-acre site unknown.

Adjust to change instead of complaining
[RE: Guest Opinion: 94 homes at Sylvan Corners will be a detriment to Citrus Heights; Oct. 12th]  I always chuckle at the opinions of people that want everything to remain unchanged. We’ve lived in Citrus Heights since 1974 right off Greenback Lane. My boys both went to the original Sylvan Middle School. Yes, there was very little traffic and the entire area was not a very nice part of Sacramento County. From my standpoint, we now live in a well-managed city that has controlled growth quite well. Every change brings challenges, but instead of complaining: adjust. The other alternative would be to move to a different area that’s stagnant. Probably wouldn’t like that either.
-Laura Belcher, Citrus Heights

We don’t need Citrus Heights to become another San Jose
I retired from Silicon Valley and moved here two years ago to experience a slower way of life. I have noticed in just two years how much worse the traffic has gotten. It’s almost like San Jose now. Please don’t let this happen and ruin the slower pace of life in Citrus Heights just so some developer can get rich. Our world is messed up enough right now. Don’t turn this town into another congested San Jose. Thank you!
-Marie Langley, Citrus Heights

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