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Guest Opinion: 94 homes at Sylvan Corners will be a detriment to Citrus Heights

By Sue and Forrest Allen–
On Oct 12th the city is trying to rezone the property of the old Sylvan School, 7137 Auburn Blvd., to allow a developer to build 94 houses on 11.3 acres. The first thing I have noticed is that this property was not included in the Auburn Blvd Corridor map, but it should be because it is part of Sylvan Corners which it became during the Gold Rush days.

Forrest Allen

Sylvan Corners was also part of the first historical transcontinental highway (Auburn Blvd). During that period, it became known as a place to stop to gather fruits and vegetables to transport to the miners in the mountains. It became an economic node, and it still is today. All of Auburn Boulevard is the main artery through town, from Roseville to Sacramento.

It is also the geographical center for the town of Citrus Heights, where we have lived for the past 50 years. Our kids attended all three schools. When we moved here, Sylvan Corners was a four-way stop with one gas station and a grocery store, and a hardware store and a liquor store, a grade school and the junior high school.

Before the city improved Sylvan Corners, the city invited the community to get our ideas on what it would look like for the project. And this is the time to do the same thing with the Old Sylvan School Property, so the community has a say before the City Council rezones the property for development of homes instead of keeping with the economic development plan. It should be part of the Auburn Blvd Corridor including businesses.

We have lived on Carriage Drive for the full time, and we have been impacted by the traffic that is developed from the parents taking their children to and from the schools. If 94 homes were built, it would be even worse. All traffic in and out of the development take right turns, so the parents must go around Sylvan Corners to get to Carriage Drive, then to Kanai to drop off the children. This will impact our street even more with a standstill at Kanai.

This proposal is not a benefit to residents of Citrus Heights, it will be a detriment!

If you are not pleased with the city plan for a housing development, please attend the council meeting and sound your ideas. This is item 10 on the agenda.

This guest opinion column was submitted by Sue and Forrest Allen, who are longtime residents of Citrus Heights. The Sentinel welcomes guest opinions of any viewpoint. To submit a letter to the editor or opinion column for publication, click here

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