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LETTERS: Frost was right to vote ‘no’ on personal pay raise

Latest letters from Citrus Heights Sentinel readers share praise for Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost, who was the only board member to vote against a 36% pay raise for county supervisors earlier this year.

Supervisors deserve pay increase, but not a 36% hike
I applaud Rep. Sue Frost for voting no. I seriously don’t like the “no public comment.” I furiously dislike the 36%. It’s very simple. It’s too much. There are no public service employees that ever gets that salary hike. I’m sure the board does deserve a hike, but it should be based on inflation and work ethic not comparing others. I’m embarrassed that the board even voted on their own raises. Please rethink your position.
-Linda Arrowwood, Citrus Heights

Frost is on the side of the people
We have a class act in Sue Frost she is always on the side of the people. It was said we were behind all the groups they surveyed and was not asked for but they stacked the books as we were compared to San Diego and San Francisco is that fair. Once again greed raises it ugly head at the expense of people who cannot even afford food. Sue Frost, you have always been a winner and we thank you for putting us first. You are awesome.
-Carol Alexander, Citrus Heights

See original article: Citrus Heights rep only ‘no’ vote on 36% pay hike for county board; June 20th

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