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2023 Citrus Heights Police Log Spotlight: April 28-May 4

Phillip Pesola contributed to this report-
Latest incident logs released by Citrus Heights police include a burglary reported at Kinder Care Learning Center, alleged drug activity at Woodside K-8 resulting in a report being taken and an arrest made after reports of criminal threats on Old Ranch Road.

A Sentinel review of incident logs posted by police show a total of 1,280 incidents listed from April 28-May 4, 2023.

Categories of note with comparison numbers from the previous week are listed below:

  • Animal control: 58 (up from 47)
  • 911 hangups: 42 (down from 50)
  • Code enforcement: 34 (down from 58)
  • Traffic accidents: 34 (down from 36)
  • Vehicle violations: 212 (down from 250)
  • Theft: 34 (down from 36)
  • Homeless-related: 26 (up from 16)
  • Vandalism: 5 (down from 9)
  • Violent/threats: 29 (up from 23)
  • Disturbance: 104 (up from 93)
  • Suspicious circumstances: 160 (down from 165)
  • All incidents: 1280 (down from 1391)

Arrests by date. Most active arrest day(s) this period: Thursday. Most active arrest day during prior week: Thurs/Fri.

  • May 4: 7 arrests
  • May 3: 6 arrests
  • May 2: 2 arrests
  • May 1: 1 arrests
  • April 30: 6 arrests
  • April 29: 5 arrests
  • April 28: 5 arrests

Full logs can be viewed on the Police Department’s website at:

Citrus Heights police resumed publishing of daily incident logs in March 2023. The department notes that its logs “are not intended as a full and complete list of all police activity,” with some information not displayed for legal reasons, such as arrests of minors.

Police advise that total numbers of incidents and arrests may differ from weekly totals released by police on social media, due to not all incidents and arrests appearing in police logs.

The department further notes on its website that: “All arrested suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty. Additionally, the original crimes, nature of offenses, and charges may be amended or dismissed as further information is made available.”

*Editor’s note: The category of “violent/threats” includes all incidents listed as either: assault, brandishing a weapon, criminal threats report, domestic violence and shots into dwelling/vehicle.

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