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LETTERS: Waste separation, $12k bonus

Latest letters from Citrus Heights residents respond to a recent guest column criticizing new requirements to separate organic waste, as well as comment on a $12,000 payment made to the city manager.

The ‘experts’ need to get back to drawing board on waste reduction
[RE: Citrus Heights residents could soon face fines for not sorting waste properly; April 1st] I am always in support in trying to decrease waste accumulation (whether contained, indoor/outdoor- or not). This ‘new’ requirement is really hard to be compliant and meet the expectations. However, (most of us) have come a long way. The whole country learned the ‘in’s and out’s’ of garbage disposal etiquette. If we didn’t -we suffered the consequences, blocked and rotting garbage in the drain pipes and foul odors in our kitchens plus a hefty $ plumber house call. (Not everyone is an ‘in-house plumber’)

At this point in time it appears that MANY of us are having a difficult time keeping the ‘rot-able’ separated from the more easily disposable’. Think about it; you have a large family, a good-sized group of friends, or unexpected guests—food and waste abound. Dishes/pots/pans plus clean-up is not always clinical.

Synopsis: Apparently the ‘experts’ did not design this new environmental solution to disposable waste. Maybe getting back to the drawing board AND reality could bring forth some other options to work on this problem.
-Lynn Avery, Citrus Heights

It’s easy to spend other people’s money
[RE: Citrus Heights News Briefs: home sales, $12k payment, obituary; April 15th] Our poor city manager doesn’t get a COLA, so the council is deciding to give out a bonus of 5% of the city managers salary, which taken into consideration, their salary is $240,000 per year, that amounts to a bonus of $12,000. For what? Doing their job? I’m not saying that the city manager isn’t deserving of a bonus, but given the fact that we’re out of the hole and have a surplus of funds, let’s back off the throttle a little bit, and see where we’re at before we start another spending spree. It’s easy to give away and spend other people’s money. Let’s not forget about our failed banking system, that the American taxpayer is having to bail out, again!
-Mark Mitchell, Citrus Heights

Other comments received in response to: Guest Opinion: Sorting requirement for food waste is ridiculous.

Gary H. Hear hear, it’s about time someone with common sense spits back at the politicians. What a JOKE. HOWEVER, Someone has to create a job for the stupid politicians kid,or the young person on drugs. We have to cater to THOSE PEOPLE too, ha ha!

Robert V. You have hit this nail head on! Well done! Next some politician will want carbon filters on all the cow’s a**** to reduce methane levels.

Nancy L. When it is composted, much less methane is released. Methane is released when no air can get to the material, however composting mitigates this effect. Organic recycling is not just to reduce methane. It is to help relieve the landfills, the byproducts are used in agriculture which would be lost if all trash went to landfills. There are other benefits of organic waste recycling.

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