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Citrus Heights Letters: School safety, Republic Services, housing, homeless funds

Latest letters from Sentinel readers include comments on school safety, messes left by bulk cleanup crews, homeless funding, and the city’s agreement to sell vacant lots on Sayonara Drive for a dollar apiece.

More police patrols at schools could help
[RE: Citrus Heights to consider placing police officers at each high school; March 30th] While I think that $2.5 million is a bit high to address the threat of school shootings and concerns about violence, I do think students should be held to higher standards that come from having a law enforcement officer on-campus. Most days when dropping my child off around 8:20 a.m. I see the same male student who can’t be more than 12 leaving school (sometimes with a large group of peers), walking down Lauppe Lane towards Rusch Park in what I assume is a truancy. Mesa Verde is a good school, but you would not believe that if you read all the headlines about the origins of the drug called “Paint” being sold in our communities.

I feel old complaining about such things, but it truly is a tragedy to see and read such simple things that only a “police state” could enforce on every campus. While I am sure this is the least glamorous work a cop could do, perhaps they could also start filling in as substitute teachers. I am not sure how the metal detectors will need to be placed on campus, but I have complete faith in the system to ensure the money will be well spent to keep our public schools safe!

Perhaps we can start with a scheduled patrol every school day to address the minimal police presence that is amplifying the erosion of our community. Please consider doing the bare minimum before burdening the cost of another bored school resources officer on tax payers.
-Marie Abello, Citrus Heights

Republic Services often leaves mess
[RE: Republic Services accused of leaving mess after bulk cleanup; March 18th]
  The article makes it sound as if it’s uncommon, but the streets in my neighborhood constantly have broken glass spread around after every bulk cleanup. there are no sidewalks in this part of town so it makes walking my dog, or people walking with their children, hazardous. it can usually be weeks before a street sweeper comes by to clean it up.
-Lester Yocum, Citrus Heights

Audit of homeless funds needed in Citrus Heights
[RE: Latest count shows just 89 homeless people in Citrus Heights. Is it accurate?] Lawmakers are finally calling for a audit for the money they’ve been spending on homeless. Too bad they probably will not look at Citrus Heights a few years back when the navigator said she houses 130 people from the streets. That was an election year… There was not any one that they helped. Too bad they won’t look at that. But I’m sure the city council had plenty of campaign signs and funding.
-Craig Hoppe, Carmichael

City selling lots for $1 is ridiculous
[RE: City agrees to sell vacant lots on Sayonara Drive for $1 each. Here’s why; April 8th]
 For the City of Citrus Heights sell those lots for $1 each is completely ridiculous those homeowners can turn around and sell those properties after the homes are built for a huge profit this is absolutely ridiculous I don’t care that they’re low income I’m sorry but I am low income as well it’s not easy to survive as a single person in this country or in this city or this area.
-J. Papotto, Citrus Heights

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