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Citrus Heights passes parking ban for commercial vehicles on all streets

Stock photo, big rig parked with trailer. // Pixabay

By Phillip Pesola–
On Thursday, the Citrus Heights City Council voted 3-0 in favor of adopting a new ordinance that will prohibit parking of commercial vehicles on all public streets within the city, with several exceptions.

Currently, commercial vehicles are not allowed to park on residential streets, under the city’s municipal code. The new code will extend the prohibition to all public streets.

Chief of Police Alex Turcotte presented the proposal during the council’s regular meeting and said commercial vehicles have been using public streets for overnight or long-term parking, raising concerns of the potential negative impact on public safety, visibility, business operations, and parking.

Temporary parking for the purpose of loading, unloading, or providing service are exceptions that will still be allowed under the ordinance. The penalty for violations was recommended to be consistent with existing regulations, at $112.50.

Over 100 flyers seeking feedback were placed on vehicles that would be affected by the ordinance over the past month, and no feedback has been received from vehicle owners. The Sunrise MarketPlace directors and the Chamber of Commerce each expressed support for the proposal.

In response to input received, the language of the ordinance was clarified to be more specific. Commercial vehicles will not be allowed to park for more than one hour within a 24 hour period on a public street, or move and park within 300 feet of the original parking site, except for the purpose of loading, unloading, or performing a service on a nearby property.

Business owner Scott Brown told the council during the meeting that he and other business owners might be left with nowhere to park their trucks, and suggested that some empty space in the Sunrise Mall parking lot could be rented out for that purpose. Mayor Tim Schaefer noted that the city does not own the mall property.

Sunrise MarketPlace Executive Director Kathilynn Carpenter shared support for the proposal in a written statement that was read during the meeting, citing concern for the safety of drivers exiting businesses along Sunrise Vista Drive who could have their view of oncoming traffic blocked by large parked vehicles.

Commercial vehicles are defined as “a motor vehicle used or maintained for the transportation of persons for hire, compensation, or profit or designed, used, or maintained primarily for the transportation of property,” Turcotte said, citing California Vehicle Code Section 260.

With councilmembers Bret Daniels and Porsche Middleton absent from the meeting, Mayor Schaefer and councilmembers Jayna Karpinski-Costa and MariJane Lopez-Taff unanimously voted in favor of the ordinance.

Following a routine second reading of the item on March 9, the new regulations are anticipated to go into effect the following month. The full wording of the ordinance is published in the council’s Feb. 23, 2023, agenda packet. (see link)

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