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LETTERS: ARPA funds weren’t meant for ‘frivolous’ fireworks show

*Note: These letters and comments were received following publication of a letter on Jan. 24, 2023. Additional context can be found in prior article: Citrus Heights council to consider $80k proposal to bring back fireworks show.

Letter by Roger Klausler–
How can the city dare to use $80,000 in ARPA funds to resurrect a frivolous display of smoke and noise that pollutes the air and frightens animals in the guise of “bringing our community back together” after a difficult 3 years?

ARPA funds are to be used to support public health expenditures; address the negative economic impacts caused by the public health emergency; replace lost public sector revenue; provide premium pay for essential workers; and invest in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure.

But instead of delegating $80,000 toward addressing any of those goals, the city wants put on a fireworks display–a serious betrayal of the public trust.

Other letters/comments:

I agree with a previous writer, Linda Sue Arrowwood, that spending $80K for fireworks is not in the best interest of the community, especially when there are so many other issues that could use these funds. I have nothing to add to her article; she seems to have covered it all. -Meryl

There is no good reason to use $80,000.00 for a fireworks show. That is not why we the taxpayers. -Margaret

I totally agree with Linda in regards to wasting money on a 20-minute display when you could find so many better ways to use 50k or whatever the cost. Those shows, as far as I’m concerned, are better left to Cal Expo where they can handle the traffic with their abundant overpriced parking. Besides that, just go out on your front porch and watch your neighbor light off some bombs!! How about fixing the potholes and put a little extra effort into it. It just seems they put an oversized blob of asphalt in the pothole and drive away, to let the cars smooth it out. -Mark

I can think of better uses for the pandemic fund money than a fireworks show! -Lee Ann

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