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LETTER: It’s time to bring back police logs in Citrus Heights

By Leon Barrow, Citrus Heights–
[RE: Citrus Heights PD won’t be posting police logs anymore. Here’s why; Dec. 1, 2019]  Now that Citrus Heights is receiving my property tax, I believe they have enough money to get the Police Logs going again. I don’t believe it’s too cumbersome and time consuming for somebody to publicize the crime reports for Citrus Heights.

From the article on Dec. 1, 2019: “Police Communications Supervisor Chela Cottrell confirmed the decision in a reply to an inquiry from The Sentinel on Wednesday.”

“The department determined that the reports have become too cumbersome and time consuming for staff to continue to produce,” she said in an email. “In an effort to streamline to process, call information is available on our website and can be found by navigating to the crime map located under the crime prevention tab on the homepage.”

…The community crime map is a joke and I don’t believe it’s updated on a daily basis.

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