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LETTER: Citrus Heights Water District rate increase won’t raise bill by much

Letter by Ray Riehle, Orangevale–
[RE: Citrus Heights Water District seeks 20% increase in water usage rates; Nov. 19th] The headline may be potentially misleading, but the customer bill will not increase by 20%.

The Usage Charge referred to in the Sentinel article is 35% of a customer’s invoice, and will increase by $0.24 per unit of water. One unit of water is 748 gallons. Our customers will pay one cent more for five gallons of water.

For an average customer of CHWD who has a 1-inch meter and uses 20 units of water in a two-month billing period, the average bill would increase from $125.63 to $133.79 under the proposed rates for 2023, a 6.5% increase.

If this proposal is adopted by the CHWD Board, the average CHWD water bill would remain 6.4% below the Sacramento regional average. More information about CHWD rates can be found at

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