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LETTER: Tiny homes on Sayonara? No Way

Letter by Jim Olson–
[RE: Here’s what Citrus Heights candidates say about addressing homelessness; Oct. 18th]  I bought my home off of Larwin Drive back in the early 90s and was not told about the issues with the riff-raff on Sayonara Drive at that time. I suffered through a good 15 to 20 years of debris being thrown in my yard, including drug paraphernalia, and the destruction of my personal property and holiday decorations by the low-life’s that lived on Sayonara as they walked through my neighborhood to get to Tempo Park.

With that said, I strongly oppose having tiny homes placed on Sayonara that will only attract similar types of people. I already see plenty of people pushing shopping carts and carrying large sacks of recyclables and riding their bikes by my house on their way to and from Tempo Park as it is! No thank you!

And I’m sorry if this sounds like “not in my backyard,” but I’ve already served my time!

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