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Meet Natalee Price, candidate for Citrus Heights Council District 5

Note: As part of The Sentinel’s 2022 coverage of local elections, we have asked a series of seven identical questions to each of the candidates running for a seat on the Citrus Heights City Council. The questions are designed to give each of the candidates an opportunity to introduce themselves to the community and give voters an opportunity to learn more about each candidate’s life and background. Candidates replied via email, and those who responded to each question in less than 100 words have their answers published word-for-word.

Natalee Price, District 5

Natalee Price

Why are you running for City Council?  I am running because I can do better. I watched as we lost our problem-oriented police force, our motor patrol disappeared, drug use became highly visible, hypodermic debris and litter accumulated, homelessness climbed, and both community pages and neighborhood meetings were riddled with unheard voices. Voting to pass the budget early without full funding to the police department jeopardized community safety. The quality of our roads is so bad that we are now several million in deficit for repairs. District 5 deserved a new choice on the ballot: I am hardworking, smart, and prioritize public safety and our community.

What are two aspects you like most about living in Citrus Heights?

I love that by living in Citrus Heights everyone belongs to a neighborhood. At monthly meetings, we hear from our CHPD, City Services, and Public Officials. We build relationships with neighbors, address needs/concerns, and receive funding for community projects. When involved, we can build stronger, safer, happier communities.

I also love that we can eat, shop, work, and play right here in Citrus Heights. Whether the farmer’s market or quality grocery and discount stores my family of 7 can build budget-friendly meals. Play days at the parks, date nights at the restaurants, and a store for almost every need.

What are the top two things you’d like to change/improve in Citrus Heights if any?

I want to improve quality of life in Citrus Heights by addressing homelessness. I don’t have all the answers and understand often it isn’t as simple as housing, especially when addiction is involved; however, I have empathy, and resilience, and am willing to respond. I hope to build a local committee (not only the regional board) to strategize solutions within our city.

I want to improve community involvement. More citizens with open dialogue within the neighborhoods give transparency, create understanding, remove barriers, build trust, and allow Council to serve the citizens better by accurately representing their wishes when voting.

What are two books that have had the most influence on your life, and why/how?

The Bible taught me the power of grace, to love my neighbor, rejoice, be thankful, not neglect doing good, share what I have, support my community by bearing their burdens, have faith in the Lion’s den, and face giants with confidence.

Chronicles of Narnia showed me the importance of wise counsel and listening; admitting wrong and giving forgiveness; that our words and deeds have a profound impact on those around us; the importance of courage, perseverance, family, and friendship; just because it may seem illogical doesn’t mean it’s impossible, fight for what you believe in, and be honest.

What are three key principles that would guide your votes on the council?

1) The Human Rights Principles as laid out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Does it uphold inalienable rights?

2) Biblical principles of love: Is my vote reflecting God’s love? Does it give confidence through true actions? Does it offer hope, banish fear, and protect? Does it bind good virtues in unity?

3) Triple filter test: True, kind, and necessary. Does it mislead? Is it based on false reason, motives, or agenda? Does it risk safety or cause hardship to families? Is it needed and/or useful to our community, or just worthless policy and/or another expense to residents?

What kind of volunteer work have you done for charities, churches, or service organizations in the community?

A 7-year member of LIONS Club International, Vice President of both Citrus Heights Neighborhood Area 10 (SOAR) and Residents Empowerment Association of Citrus Heights (REACH); I am a servant leader with a heart for community! I bring necessities to Meals on Wheels recipients; assist senior citizens with yard work; took the blind shopping; installed a sensory garden at Arcade Creek Park and an anti-bullying buddy bench at Skycrest Elementary; organized park clean-ups and more. Building partnerships between Taste of Tuscany, the Antelope Lions Club, FISH Radio, and the Pointe Church, I fed over 10,000 people in need during COVID-19.

City Council members are paid a small monthly stipend of $600 for their service. If elected, how do you plan to balance work life elsewhere with council responsibilities?

I own and operate Taste of Tuscany, a local restaurant, and that offers extreme flexibility. Although I must work enough hours to ensure profitability, I have built a strong team that ensures success when I am away. Clerical and prep work can be done before and after operating hours. I will build my schedule around council responsibilities. While working 65+ hours a week saving a restaurant during a pandemic and navigating zoom learning with an autistic child and a kindergartener, I graduated from Sacramento State with honors; sleepless nights, long days, and hard work are not foreign to me.

Key endorsements: Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost, Citrus Heights Council Member Bret Daniels, and Citrus Heights Vice Mayor Tim Schaefer.
Key donors: “My top 2 donors are Friends of Dr. Jayna Karpinski-Costa for City Council 2022 and my always supportive husband Jeremy Price.”

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*Editor’s note: Natalee Price and Porsche Middleton are both running for District 5. See Middleton’s profile here: Meet Porsche Middleton, candidate for Citrus Heights Council District 5. To read about candidates running in District 2 and District 4, click here.

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