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LETTER: Speed bumps needed on San Juan Avenue to stop speeders

Letter by Mark Mitchell, Citrus Heights–
[RE: City continues work towards plan to repave, widen San Juan Avenue; Aug. 23rd]  Spending millions of dollars to buy property, add sidewalks, and lighting on San Juan Avenue seems to be an overreach once again by city leaders. I guarantee not one city council member has ever walked on that stretch of the San Juan Fwy. It’s FREAKIN scary how fast some of these “I D 10 T’S” go.

I just talked yesterday to my USPS carrier whose route is the stretch from Crestline to Madison on San Juan Avenue. I’m walking my dog ready to cross over San Juan and head over by the elementary school just West of San Juan and here goes speed racer doing 60-70mph, easily, towards Madison. I just shake my head at these bozo’s.

Then I see [my USPS carrier] walking towards the light at Crestline; he’s on the sidewalk, on the West side of San Juan. When I caught up to him I asked him if he saw speed racer, he said, “I didn’t know what to do, I was a little scared, I moved off the sidewalk further away from the street, and almost flew him the bird!” (For those unsure, it’s the middle finger)

So I guess my point is, repave that stretch of San Juan and add some speed bumps along the way! That’ll slow them down or they’ll pay in car repairs!

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