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Citrus Heights police pursuing leads after ATM break-in

The ATM at Safe Credit Union in Citrus Heights was damaged in a theft on May 10 and subsequently removed. // CH Sentinel

Sentinel staff report–
An early morning theft at a Safe Credit Union ATM in Citrus Heights on Monday caused damage to the machine, a police lieutenant said Thursday.

A visit to the location at Old Auburn Road and Sunrise Boulevard on Wednesday found the entire ATM machine removed, with yellow caution tape, cones and an “out of service” sign in the drive-up ATM location.

Police Lt. Jason Baldwin said the theft occurred around 5 a.m. on May 10, when he said the machine was broken into and damaged in the process. He said “contents of the ATM were taken,” but did not specify whether cash was taken.

Baldwin said an active investigation is still underway into the theft, and said the department has evidence and leads being pursued.

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Another ATM theft was reported in Citrus Heights earlier this year, where a suspect using a forklift made off with an entire Chase Bank ATM on Sunrise Boulevard. The ATM and forklift were later ditched behind Sunrise Mall, with the suspect fleeing the scene.

Baldwin said such thefts “happen from time to time” but did not describe it as a trend. He clarified that Monday’s ATM theft involved a portion of the ATM machine being broken into, but the whole unit was not stolen. The machine was apparently removed following the incident for repairs or replacement.

A phone call to the credit union on Friday was forwarded to the marketing department for comment, with no immediate reply. As of Saturday, the ATM was observed to be back in operation at the location.

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