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LETTERS: City Council pay, roadway improvements

A visual presented during a City Council meeting last year shows how plans for sidewalks and bike lanes on Old Auburn Road could look.

Latest letters to the editor include comments from Citrus Heights residents on planned roadway improvements, and City Council pay.

City Council pay, benefits
[RE: Citrus Heights releases 108-page proposed city budget, with cuts. Here’s what’s in it; April 16th] I would like to clarify the section on City Council compensation. City Council members in general law cities, like Citrus Heights, have their compensation set by the State legislature at a rate of $600 per month. In addition, the City of Citrus Heights provides an additional $600 per month in benefits to City Council members, that can be taken as health insurance, deferred compensation, etc. We also get vision and dental insurance, as well as mileage when we use our personal vehicle to city related functions and meetings.
– Jeannie Bruins, Citrus Heights City Council member

Looking forward to Old Auburn Road improvements
[RE: Citrus Heights awarded $11.1 million in grants to fund roadway projects; April 22nd]  I am a senior citizen who enjoys bike rides and evening walks with my wife. We live just off Garry Oaks and frequently enjoy walking/riding the trail from Garry Oaks to Robert Creek Ct. Traveling the west direction from Antelope to Sylvan Road currently is not an option for us. We don’t feel safe along this section. We are excited to learn of the improvements planned for our area. Which ever plan is ultimately approved will be welcomed by us and I’m sure many others!
-William Chadwell, Jr., Citrus Heights

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