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The Civic Minute: what’s happening at Citrus Heights City Hall?

The Citrus Heights City Council will meet Thursday evening via Zoom to discuss and vote on whether to approve a proposed two-year budget, along with hold a public hearing related to federal stimulus funding and other items.

A summary of what’s included in the 725-page agenda packet for the council’s April 22 meeting is listed below:

Police Department Vehicle Replacement. The City Council will consider approving a request from the Police Department to purchase and equip two replacement police motorcycles, for approximately $35,000 each, and transfer $140,000 from the city’s General Fund into a Capital Replacement Fund for future vehicle replacement. A staff report says there will be no impact to the city’s General Fund for the motorcycle purchases, due to funding coming from Citizen’s Option for Public Safety Fund grant, which must be spent by June 30.

Auburn Blvd. Project. The council will consider approval of an agreement with Caltrans related to a $2.86 million grant for construction of the $23 million Auburn Boulevard Complete Streets Project. For more on the project see story: Citrus Heights awarded $11.1 million in grants to fund roadway projects

Budget. The City Council will consider approval of a two-year budget which calls for a $3 million cut to police funding next year, leaving 26 positions in the department unfilled. With the cuts, the first year’s budget shows a shortfall of $77,000, while year two is projected to see a $3.7 million surplus, largely due to the city maintaining control of its property taxes for the first time. For more, see story: Citrus Heights releases 108-page proposed city budget, with cuts. Here’s what’s in it

Transportation. The council will consider a request by staff to review and adopt Transportation Impact Study Guidelines and SB743 guidelines. A staff report says guidelines “will streamline development review, reducing delays and costs for development consistent with the proposed guidelines.” The report also says: “Traditionally, transportation impacts have been assessed in terms of Level of Service (LOS), a measure of automobile delay along roadway segments and at key intersections. SB743 shifts from an LOS methodology to metrics aligned with state goals around greenhouse gas reduction, land use diversity, and development of multimodal travel networks.”

Public Hearing. The council will hold a public hearing related to allocation of “Round 3” Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus funding, for which the city received $544,198. The council is asked by staff to approve allocation and reallocation of various funds related to the Round 3 and Round 1 of the block grant, which together total $920,226.

A pair of proclamations will also be issued during the meeting, proclaiming April as “Donate Life Month” and also “Fair Housing Month.”

Public comments for Thursday’s meeting can be submitted to, with up to 250 words. Those interested in joining the council meeting via Zoom can find links posted in the council’s agenda packet. (click here)

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