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Citrus Heights News Briefs: housing market, robberies, blood drive

Vitalant vehicles park in Citrus Heights for a blood drive. // CH Sentinel

Latest local news briefs include realtor comments on why a Citrus Heights home received more than 100 offers last month, Police Chief Ron Lawrence speaking out against proposed crime legislation, and an update on Thursday’s blood drive.

Incoming realtors association president says Citrus Heights home was ‘wildly underpriced’
Sacrament Association of Realtors President-elect Erin Stumpf told ABC 10 last week that a Citrus Heights home which received 122 offers was “wildly underpriced.” Read full story: Looking to buy a home? Sacramento realtors say the market is kind of crazy right now for homebuyers

Citrus Heights police chief speaks out about proposed crime bill
Citrus Heights Police Chief Ron Lawrence told KTVU-San Francisco that a new crime bill seeking to reduce certain robberies to misdemeanors would “encourage more robberies to occur and create a dangerous environment that puts all of California in danger.”  According to KTVU, the legislation, SB 82 (and also SB 81), would reduce many robberies from felonies to misdemeanors “if no weapon was used and the victim was not seriously injured.” (See full article)

Blood drive in Citrus Heights nets 35 donations
A five-hour blood drive held Thursday on Van Maren Lane at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Citrus Heights stake, brought in 35 successful donations. A volunteer said the number of donations was lower compared to the past few drives held at the site, but “still nearly double what we would get prior to the start of the pandemic.” According to Vitalant, each donation can help up to three patients.

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