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Here’s the 23 objectives the City of Citrus Heights seeks to accomplish over next 6 months

Want to know what the City of Citrus Heights is planning to get done over the next six months?

A list of 23 strategic objectives were discussed and decided on by a group of city leaders and senior staff last week during a five-hour strategic planning meeting. With the exception of last year due to COVID-19, the planning sessions are held twice a year and are open to the public.

The city’s full strategic plan, along with a brainstormed list of recent accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses, can be viewed on the city’s website. For more on the meeting, see story: Citrus Heights leaders revise 3-year goals, set 6-month objectives

The following list of objectives is taken directly from the city’s latest six-month strategic plan, categorized by each of the city’s 3-year goals:

Maintain and Enhance Fiscal Stability

  • Present to the City Council a 2-Year City Budget in which expenses are in line with available revenues.
  • Present to the City Council an updated Long Term Financial Plan (i.e. 10 year budget model).
  • Present recommendations to the City Council for action for utilization of the American Rescue Plan Act (federal stimulus) funding. (See prior article: How much will Citrus Heights get from the latest federal stimulus bill?)
  • Present to the City Council for direction options for ensuring city compliance with state organics recycling, procurement requirements, and related solid waste legislation.
  • Present an analysis of the city’s development impact fees to the City Council.

Maintain Public Infrastructure and Enhance Alternative Modes of Transportation

  • Begin construction of the Various Signalized Safety Improvements Project.
  • Recommend for Council Award construction contract the Mariposa Avenue Safe Routes to School Phase 4.
  • Advertise and recommend to the City Council the award of the Annual Residential Resurfacing Project.
  • Advertise and recommend to the City Council the award of the Bonita Way drainage improvements project.
  • Launch the Multi Modal Transportation Safety Program (MMTSP) prioritization process and implement up to 5 top priority level countermeasures. (See prior article)
  • Complete the LED conversion retrofit of 500 street lights.

Diversify for a Resilient Economy

  • Hold a community workshop to present the draft Specific Plan for Sunrise Tomorrow and receive comments from the community. (See prior article)
  • Present the draft Sunrise Tomorrow Specific Plan and EIR for City Council input.
  • Commence the entitlement process for the New Sylvan project. (See prior article)
  • Visit at least two businesses as part of the Business Visitation Program.

Sustain and Preserve Public Safety

  • Evaluate the authorized and budgeted police staffing levels to reorganize the Police Dept. appropriately to ensure Police Dept. can maintain adequate response to emergencies.
  • Ensure Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) information is provided to the public in electronic format on city platforms, with an accompanying communications plan.
  • Enhance the Reserve Police Officer program to prepare for potential future full-time hires, by ensuring at least two specific recruitments occur.
  • Ensure continuation of a DUI checkpoint or DUI Saturation Detail (e.g., 3-5 officers conducting a moving DUI checkpoint) is conducted.
  • Collaborate with the County Health and Human Services Dept. for alternatives to police responses to non-violent, non-criminal mental health crises calls for service.

Enhance Community Vibrancy and Engagement

  • Present six re-branded Facebook Live series for public education and engagement.
  • Bring together community leaders via a coalition meeting, with an emphasis on community connection and engagement and report the results to the City Council.
  • Promote the new Permit-Ready ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) Program, including holding a community workshop.

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