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LETTERS: Sylvan Corners, mayor, defunding police

Latest letters to the editor include perspectives on development at Sylvan Corners, police department funding, and the City Council.

Sylvan Corners would make a great ‘downtown’ area
[RE: City Council votes 4-1 to sell large Sylvan Corners lot to housing developer; Jan. 17th] Citrus Heights City council needs to develop a long term goal! Sylvan Corners would be a prime Downtown Citrus Heights area for development. The Sunrise Mall is being converted to housing soon, if they get their way, and I’m concerned that all the business areas we have now seem to be broke and going under one by one.

As a citizen of Citrus Heights I want to send my money and pay taxes for my city, not Folsom or Roseville. If we could decide where and how that could be achieved, rather than randomly installing failing businesses, or sell prime industrial property for housing, let’s develop a plan that would support the growth and development of our community (housing and business).

Just as Sunrise used to provide a central destination, I feel we need a True Downtown Citrus Heights!
-Jim Cowger, Jr., Citrus Heights

Other letters and comments:

The last thing we need is less police
[RE: Citrus Heights considering deep cuts to police in effort to balance budget; Jan. 31st] When we heard the city’s idea to balance the budget by defunding the police department, we were appalled! With the exorbitant salaries the city officials make, that’s their idea? Right now the community is hurting enough. The last thing we need is less police.

To make more than the governor of the state is not okay, and a waste of city funds. All my neighbors agree the city managers need to re-evaluate the situation and do the right thing for the people of Citrus Heights by adjusting their pay, not by taking away our already slim services.
-Diane McCarty, Citrus Heights

Clowns in control
[RE: Guest Column; Feb. 11th] David Warren is who we need to run our City! If he needs any help ,just please do us all a huge favor… Don’t consult with the clowns we have running it now!
-Mark Mitchell, Citrus Heights

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