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LETTERS: Is Citrus Heights joining the ‘Defund the Police’ movement?

By Jim Monteton, Citrus Heights–
[RE: Citrus Heights considering deep cuts to police in effort to balance budget; Jan. 31st] So, let me get this straight: the city can borrow $12 million, buy property at Sylvan Corners, start planning on building more “round abouts,” give themselves a huge raise where the city manager now makes more than the governor – and now want to cut out security by eliminating police officers.

As cited in The Sentinel story, analysis of 2019 city salaries from California’s Public Pay website found total pay to city staff amounted to $19 million that year, meaning an across-the-board pay cut of 10% would have saved about $1.9 million that year.

The City Council’s comments: “We can’t make magic money appear, so we’re going to have to make do with what we have.” But as with any budget – house, business or city – you don’t keep spending more than you make. When asked about pay cuts, the city said: “At this time, staff pay cuts are not being considered.” But neither is our safety.

So, I guess that there will be a time in the near future when we will call City Hall to report someone breaking in our home, stealing our car, or murder. Sounds like the start of “Defund the Police.”
-Jim Monteton, Citrus Heights

Cut salaries, not police
It always amazes me that government always wants to cut the most important services when they want more money, and Citrus Heights is no different. A few years ago the city had a surplus of money; now they want more money. So because they are angry that Measure M didn’t pass they are going to threaten us with cutting police. Maybe they should have spent the money a little wiser.

Cut services less vital to us or cut the big salaries of city employees and maybe cut unnecessary positions and spending. You already charge residents and businesses for every little thing we want to do. Be better stewards of our money!
-Cheryl Greene, Citrus Heights

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