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Meet Tim Schaefer, candidate for Citrus Heights Council District 3

Note: As part of The Sentinel’s 2020 coverage of local elections, we have asked a series of seven identical questions to each of the candidates running for a seat on the Citrus Heights City Council. The questions are designed to give each of the candidates an opportunity to introduce themselves to the community and give voters an opportunity to learn more about each candidate’s life and background. Candidates replied via email, and those who responded to each question in less than 100 words have their answers published word-for-word.

Tim Schaefer, businessman | Age: 59

Basic bio: “Moved to Citrus Heights from Santa Cruz in 1990. I grew up in Santa Cruz CA, 2 years community college, served as V.P. Resident Empowerment Association of Citrus Heights, Parkoaks Neighborhood President, current chair of Planning Commission. Family: married, 4 grown children, three grandchildren.”

Why are you running for city council?

“I have volunteered in the city for many years. I see that there are serious issues that need addressing, i.e., poor performing schools, crumbling roads and a growing homeless population. I will offer a fresh perspective on these long standing issues. I will represent the citizens of Citrus Heights with fiscal restraint and integrity.”

What are three things you like most about living in Citrus Heights?

1) Citrus Heights has a very unique sense of community and family. 2) I like friendly people that live here. 3) The police department.

What are two books that have had the most influence on your life, and why/how?

1) Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged. “I don’t necessarily follow her atheist views and utilitarian philosophy but I understand the caution she expresses about over regulation, but it was a great story about the characteristics and drive of the entrepreneurial spirit.”
2) Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends and influence people”, this classic book’s message is about treating people with respect and courtesy.

What are three key principles that would guide your votes on the council, if elected?

1) Be fiscally responsible, 2) consider the impact of the current decision as well as the impact and implication for future generations.

What are the top three things you’d like to change in Citrus Heights, if any?

1) Increase opportunities for income growth for young families. 2) Improve Citrus Heights schools. 3) Reduce the crime rate. All three of these are connected.

What kind of volunteer work have you done for charities, churches or service organizations in the community?

“Volunteer, Parkoaks Neighborhood, Vice President & President. Volunteer, Residents’ Empowerment Association of Citrus Heights V.P. Volunteer, Leader in Save City Hall, movement that ultimately contributed to the new City Hall location. Volunteer for Arcade Creek Preserve and Stock Ranch Preserve.”

City council members are paid a small monthly stipend of $600 for their service. If elected, how do you plan to balance work life elsewhere with council responsibilities?

“Life is a balancing of family, business and community activities. My children are grown and I enjoy spending time with our grandchildren. I will do what other council members have done before me – find the right balance.”

Key endorsements: Sacramento Region Business and Sacramento Association of Realtors.
Key donors: Ted Costa and Sacramento Association of Realtors.

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