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LETTERS: Measure M, sales tax, defunding police

Latest letters from Citrus Height Sentinel readers include varying views on the proposed Measure M sales tax and commentary on efforts across the nation to defund police departments.

Sales tax proposal is a bad move
I am 45 year resident of Citrus Heights. I am not a politician. I am astonished that the City Council would put a tax increase on the November ballot. The city has a high population of seniors living on a fixed income and low income families.

The pandemic and increased cost of living is already placing a burden on this population. The city has lost several major businesses. A sales tax increase could cause residents to shop in the surrounding areas, shuttering even more businesses (decreasing income).

The city will receive up to $6 million additional revenue from property taxes beginning in 2023. I urge the City Council to reconsider this sales tax increase, possibly removing from the ballot.
Marilyn Miller, Citrus Heights

Sales tax is worth it, if roads get fixed
As I drive down San Juan Avenue daily I am reminded how in need of repair the roads are. If a .01 tax is all that is needed so my teeth stop rattling I think it would be worth it.
Brian F. Bartholomew, Citrus Heights

I voted for Measure K, but won’t for Measure M
It’s easy to spend other people’s money, as in the the Sylvan Corner property that the City Council decided to purchase late in 2019. Now you want us to pay for your mistake. I voted yes for the last measure to get roads repaired, and that was voted down. I’m not willing to pay for the mistakes being made by our past and present leaders of our city. Good luck getting this measure passed.
-Mark Mitchell, Citrus Heights

Tax increases are pushing residents to leave the state
Now and forever more do I and my wife oppose your poorly timed and unnecessarily burdensome taxes. Trying to nudge even harder to get people to leave Citrus Heights? This is how the state is losing tax base to low tax/no tax states. Good luck to those who cannot leave! All you will have soon are the rich and poverty stricken on the government dole.
Steve Harper, Citrus Heights

Efforts to defund police are stupid
I can’t believe that some people want to defund the police. That’s just plain stupid. I proudly wear my blue band to show my respect for law enforcement. There are very bad people out there who want to harm you or take what you have worked for.

Law enforcement can be a thankless task at times. Are there bad cops? Of course there are, just as there are bad teachers, bad lawyers, bad plumbers-just about every profession or trade has bad apples. However, most are good honest people doing their best.

Being in law enforcement is a tough way to live. These men and women see the worst of human behavior. But like most of us, they are doing their best in the face of horror and madness. I know I sleep better knowing there are folks out there that are on duty to protect me, my family and my friends.
Pat Lueckert, Citrus Heights

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