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Election 2020: Who’s running for Citrus Heights City Council?

Citrus Heights Council candidates from left to right: Tim Schaefer, Bret Daniels, Nicole Castor, Thomas Goetz.

Updated Sept. 9th, 9:07 p.m.–
Sentinel staff report– With two seats up for election on the Citrus Heights City Council this year, a total of four residents have qualified to run for the positions.

Candidates for the District 3 seat are current Planning Commission Chairman Tim Schaefer and technical engineer Thomas Goetz. Candidates for the District 1 seat are Councilman Bret Daniels and environmentalist Nicole Castor.

Notably, Daniels is the only candidate on the ballot who is also currently serving as a council member, as Mayor Jeff Slowey announced he will not be seeking another term. In a normal election year, Daniels would be referred to as an “incumbent,” but due to the city’s shift to district-based elections this year, there is technically no incumbent for the newly created District 1 seat.

Election 2020: Citrus Heights mayor won’t seek another term

Three of the four candidates paid for 200-word ballot statements to be included in the county’s sample ballot, which is direct-mailed to each voter. Each candidate’s statement is included below.

The Sentinel also gave an opportunity for Castor to include a 200-word statement in this article, although her statement will not be on the sample ballot.

Citrus Heights’ new district map was adopted in 2019.

Thomas Goetz (District 3)
My name is Thomas Goetz. I’m a technical engineer, veteran, homeowner, and neighbor. I am running for city council to make our community the priority of the city, including those most in need. As someone who was lucky enough to be able to rebuild from homelessness, I know the challenges that homelessness comes with and how impossible those can be to overcome.
We know that tiptoeing around the housing issue will not solve it. The only way I was able to get back on my feet was by having a place to live. As a community, I know we can provide that to our neighbors.
As a veteran, I know the right thing is very rarely the easy thing, and as a former member of the Army’s MP Corps. I know that doing it the right way makes it even harder. But I know the right thing is obtainable when people come together and do what’s best for the community as a whole. If I’m elected, I know we can obtain that for Citrus Heights.
Visit for more information or to contact me directly.

Tim Schaefer (District 3)
Born and raised in Santa Cruz California, I joined U. S. Army where I served in the military police. Following my service, I attended Cabrillo College. I moved to Citrus Heights and raised my family. Currently I’m Director of Training for Sacramento Valley Manufacturing Initiative, administering manufacturing apprenticeship programs.
I’m uniquely qualified to serve on the Citrus Heights City Council. I served 2 years as president of Parkoaks Community Association and am currently a Citrus Heights Planning Commissioner. I served as Chairperson for Save City Hall, a successful grassroots effort to keep city hall in Fountain Square. I am a member of the Sacramento County Taxpayers Association where I advocate spending your taxes wisely. I am thoroughly knowledgeable of how Citrus Heights came from a pay-as-go city having a $32 million surplus in the bank to being a debtor city. I am committed to straightening out this mess. Find out more about me at
I am convinced we can fix our roads and address other important needs through frugal management of our budget.
If you’ll vote for me as your councilman, I will work hard to be a good steward of your trust by committing my energy and experience to being an involved and reachable Councilmember.
Contact: Tim Schaefer (916) 207-7282 or

Bret Daniels (District 1)
It has been a privilege and honor to serve you these last four years. My focus will continue to be your safety, your quality of life, and our economic vitality. We have experienced a declining crime rate for the last four years. Our neighborhoods are thriving. We enjoy a diverse mix of businesses and restaurants. Life is good but there is more to do.
We must deal more strongly with the negative aspects of homelessness by helping those that want help but not tolerating the behavior of those that do not. We must dedicate more resources to keeping the city cleaner. We must embrace our youth and celebrate our seniors. And we must do so without raising your taxes.
The area around the mall enjoys amazing revitalization but the mall is tired and old. We must embrace a significant but realistic remodeling of the property and make it our highest priority.
My pledge is to make your life better and your decision to live, work, and play in Citrus Heights the best decision you ever made for you and your family. My supporters include my wife, my kids, my neighbors, and hopefully you. Reach me at, or (916) 870-7199.

Nicole Castor (District 1)
As a longtime resident of Citrus Heights, I have enjoyed living in a city that manages to stay affordable while still being a safe, nice area to raise a family. I love that the community is what makes it nice – we take great pride in our gardens, value self-sufficiency, we look out for each other and help our neighbors. We have much to be proud of considering what a small budget we have!
I am a mother, an environmentalist, and a community activist. I studied Sociology at Sacramento State and earned my BA in 2008. As far as political experience, I was recently re-elected to the County Council of the Green Party of Sacramento County. In my second term, I am continuing my work in serving as our Co-Coordinator as well as Legislative Advocate.
I am proud to be endorsed by the local chapters of the Green Party and the Peace and Freedom Party.
I hope to be one of our city’s next leaders, and am ready to help bring fresh ideas for our city. Please vote Nicole Castor for City Council this November!

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*This article originally referred to Daniels as an “incumbent” for the District 1 seat, but has since been updated to refer to him as being the only sitting member of the City Council who will appear on the ballot this year.

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