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Sort Smart: 5 things you should know about what’s recyclable in Citrus Heights

By Rylie Friesen-
Wondering if that bubble wrap, pizza box or broken glass jar should go in the recycling bin? The answer might surprise you.

Citrus Heights in recent months has been seeing an increase in the amount of recyclables collected, as more people are at home during the COVID-19 health crisis. But the city says many items are being put in the wrong bin.

The City of Citrus Heights is partnering with Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, Galt, Sacramento and the county in a “Sort Smart” campaign designed to help residents know the differences between landfill and recyclables.

“Recycling is important for our environment, but it’s only effective if we sort smart and recycle right,” said Mary Poole, operations manager for the City of Citrus Heights. “The challenges faced across the region are very similar, so it makes sense for us to work with our neighboring cities on the Sort Smart campaign, to continue diverting materials from the landfill.”

Here’s five things to know about recyclables:

  1. Recyclables should not be placed in plastic bags, but rather put straight in the bin. If bagged, they are considered landfill and will not be processed properly.
  2. Bubble wrap, plastic bags, and resealable plastic bags are encouraged to be reused, but should be thrown in the garbage when the resident is done with them.
  3. Food-soiled items and containers filled with food cannot be accepted for recycling. Residents are asked to clean out containers before recycling them. “A quick shake, a wipe with a spatula or towel will do the trick,” Sort Smart said in a press release sent to The Sentinel.
  4. Common items like oily pizza boxes, broken glass, and soup cartons cannot be processed as recyclables.
  5. When in doubt, use the “recycling wizard.” Sort Smart’s website features a link to a recycling wizard where residents can enter names of common waste items and find a quick answer as to whether it can be recycled or not.

For more information, the Sort Smart website provides information specific to Citrus Heights. Not all jurisdictions have the same regulations; other cities and their regulations can be found on the Sort Smart website.

Those with questions can also contact the City’s General Services Division at (916) 727-4770.

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