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LETTER: Thankful for Citrus Heights Police Department

Letter submitted by Patricia Lueckert–
[RE: Letter: ‘We’d be better off with county government’; May 24th] I don’t know how long letter-writer Mr. Allen has lived in Citrus Heights, but I have lived here since 1980. I remember when Sacramento County Sheriffs was our law enforcement, and it was pretty bad with long or no-show waits.

I remember coming home from work finding my home had been burglarized. It took over 30 minutes for a response from law enforcement, and nothing was done except making my house filthy from hand-print powder. No one was caught and there were no follow ups.

Another time, my daughter came home from work and saw a body on our lawn. She called dispatch who asked her to go out and see if he was alive.

She was 18 years old at the time. My husband and I refused to let her go out and see. Still another long wait to find out it was a drunk.

Citrus Heights was way down in response time because law enforcement was so busy in other parts of the county. I am very glad we incorporated and I appreciate out police department.

It used to be that you saw very few police cars, and now I see them regularly. A big thank you to our city government and especially our Police Department!

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