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LETTER: Old Auburn Road will always be a thoroughfare, regardless of city’s plan

Letter by Nancy Legalsi, Roseville–
[RE: Draft plan to make Old Auburn Road a ‘complete street’ nearing completion; March 8th] So the city wants to discourage drivers from using Old Auburn Road as a thoroughfare? All roads leading from Interstate 80 to Sunrise or Hazel are used the same way.

The population is growing and will only cause more congestion, like the mile-long line of cars at the north end near Wachtel, where drivers cut through residential neighborhoods — often at high speeds because of the slow down they were just in. I know; I am one of them!

Limiting lanes on Old Auburn will bring congestion and accidents. For instance, heading toward Fair Oaks Boulevard at Sunrise and Old Auburn when cars could not turn into the left-hand turn lane because of a curb, it backed cars up — and that’s when rear-end accidents occurred. Once it was opened up, cars were able to pass through more easily without much congestion…

LETTER: Single turn lanes on Old Auburn Road are working well

Regardless, population is growing: grow with it and allow cars to move in the least constricted way, or cause slow downs and congestion forcing them into residential areas.

Old Auburn Road has always been and will continue to be a thoroughfare. Why fight it? It’s not going to change.

Spend the money on growth and safety improvements. You will be someday soon anyway. People need to get home.

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