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LETTER: Isn’t the existing gas tax sufficient to pay for roads?

Letter submitted by Citrus Heights resident Ernest Alvarez–
[RE: New sales tax increase being considered to fund roads, transit; Feb. 2nd] I understand that a half-cent isn’t substantial, but we have been half-a-cent taxed enough. With wages not reflecting the cost of living, you want more out of our pockets.

I don’t see how the tax on gas isn’t sufficient to get the roads repaired. Could the cost be compensated from a utility bill tax? For example, on my Consolidated Communications bill, there’s a Citrus Heights City Utility Use tax that is 77 cents. Right below, there’s another tax: Citrus Heights City Utility User, which is $4.06. Isn’t that the same tax with the exception of the letter “R” being placed at the end of USE?

How about the Sacramento County Video Franchise tax, which is $8.09. That’s a tax that needs to be defined. Does Sacramento have an archive of videos that you can rent, or do they own Red Box?

Soon, Sacramento will have no one to tax, with people leaving or living in tents because they can’t afford to rent or buy a home. Why don’t you get the funding from corporations. Residents have cars or trucks, not an 18-wheeler.

Other Letters:

I thought the hike in the gas tax was supposed to pay for our road repairs! Where is all this tax money really going?
-JoAnn McQuagge

YOU are running all the tax-paying people out of the state. There should have been road money built into each budget.
-George L. Fieldstein

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