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LETTER: Poor light timing made me quit shopping in Citrus Heights

A sign on Greenback Lane informs drivers that signals are timed to optimize travel at 40 miles per hour through Citrus Heights. // CH Sentinel

Letter submitted by Rebecca Weaver, Antelope–
[RE: City eyes more streets after seeing results of signal timing update on Greenback Lane; Dec. 29th] The timing of the traffic lights should have been done years ago. It will train drivers that super speed won’t get them to their destination any faster and should be done on all the major roadways, Antelope Road being one of them.

I drive the speed limit and get one red light after another, however the speeders make it through most of them without having to stop. I quit shopping in Citrus Heights completely because of this.

They make you sit at intersections where there is no traffic creating a red light. Then you sit there forever before the light changes, while traffic backs up.

It’s not good for the environment to have cars idle at residential intersections on Antelope Road for no cross traffic/no reason.

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Updated light timing is a great idea
Great idea. Looking forward to the timing of lights on Sunrise Boulevard. Antelope Road would be a great place to continue the idea. Douglas Boulevard could use the same treatment.
-Margaret Cook, Citrus Heights

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