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LETTERS: Here’s how to fix Old Auburn Road

Temporary barricades were set up at Old Auburn Road and Fair Oaks Boulevard on Nov. 29, following multiple collisions. // CH Sentinel

By Shawn Dorris, Citrus Heights–
[RE: Rain prompts more collisions at problematic Citrus Heights intersection; Dec. 5th] I have lived in Citrus Heights and Orangevale for many years and use the intersection of Fair Oaks Boulevard and Old Auburn Road very often. I agree the intersection is a danger and serious problem. However, I don’t think the primary problem is so much with speedy, wild turns off of Fair Oaks onto old Auburn, as much as it is the timing of the light.

Speedy, wild turns are a symptom of the real problem. People know how short that green light is and therefore speed up to make it through. There is where your problem lies. Is it a good excuse? No, speeding is never a good idea, no matter the reason. Getting to your destination a little late, but safe, is better than never getting there at all.

That being said, I do believe if the green light lasted a little longer (at least a reasonable amount of time) so more cars had a chance to get through, not only might the drivers go at a slower speed, but the traffic backup may improve as well.

Just my humble opinion. Thank you for the opportunity to “speak. ”

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Use concrete dividers instead of planter boxes
How about instead of the planter boxes using concrete highway median dividers anchored to the ground. They are designed to direct vehicles back onto the road.
-Alan Tupper, Citrus Heights

Road dips would help
Install road dips between Old Auburn Road & Oak Ave. on Fair Oaks Blvd. between Old Auburn and Oak Ave.
-Alison Cohen, Citrus Heights

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