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LETTERS: About those wild turkeys in Citrus Heights…

Wild turkeys, Citrus Heights. Photo credit: Luke Otterstad
Wild turkeys are a regular sight near Sylvan Oaks Library. // CH Sentinel

Latest letters from Citrus Heights Sentinel readers include varying perspectives on wild turkeys in the city.

Wild turkeys are fun to watch
[RE: Wild turkey population continues to grow in Citrus Heights; Nov. 3rd] I have turkeys in my neighborhood, and they walk, sit in my flower area, and apparently like bark. They are amusing and fun to watch. I live on Highland Avenue and have seen quite a few people stop to take pictures. The only time I have seen the turkeys get annoyed or cause a nuisance is when people chase them and yell at them. They have never caused trouble. I love them.
-Angela Buettner, Citrus Heights

Some turkeys are causing problems
Even though the turkeys are mostly harmless they do plague the neighborhood and attack people trying to either drive past them or get into their cars and drive away. My daughter was targeted by a certain Tom Turkey that would not let her get in her car and drive away she had to physically use a broom to move it away. She had to drive slowly to make sure it moved out of her way so she did not hit it. It was at her car every morning for a month. We definitely need find place for them to go to be safe and not hit by cars.
-Kathy Breault, Citrus Heights

Love seeing the turkeys
Personally, I love seeing the turkeys run around my neighborhood being goofy. They’re a reminder to me that life doesn’t have to be so serious. Sure, sometimes they come into my yard and steal fruit while leaving droppings, but in my opinion, that’s a small price to pay to be surrounded by such beautiful wildlife. Living in such an urban area, it’s nice to be reminded that wildlife exists without having to travel, so, bring on the turkeys!
-Michael Gray, Citrus Heights

Turkeys are an enjoyable sight
I enjoy seeing the turkeys, but they can be destructive to lawns when they are looking for grubs or the lawn is newly seeded. I still enjoy them especially when a male displays his full tail feathers. Spraying with water doesn’t always work. One of my neighbors sprayed them with her hose and they loved it!
-Patricia Lueckert, Citrus Heights

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