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LETTER: Faded lines on Citrus Heights roadways need re-painting

A faded white line is shown between two lanes on Van Maren Lane near Auburn Boulevard. // CH Sentinel

Letter submitted by Citrus Heights resident Marjorie Bippus–
[RE: Repaving, concrete work begins on 13 streets in Citrus Heights; Oct. 3rd] I’m glad to see action being taken on city streets, however, with the onset of winter, bad weather and getting dark earlier, there is a need to paint/repaint white lines, especially on heavily used portions of streets in Citrus Heights.

At the corner of San Juan Avenue and Greenback Lane white lines are not visible in places. People not familiar with this location do not realize there are three lanes on Greenback, so they drive in the middle of what should be the 2nd and 3rd lane.

Van Maren Lane is another street that has places where the white lines have disappeared in places. I’m sure there are many more places on city streets suffering from the same problem. The city needs to fix this problem before really bad weather and darkness set in.

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