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LETTERS: Idiots, homeless, speed bumps, Sunrise Mall

Speed Bump,
File photo, a speed bump on Mariposa Avenue near Antelope Road serves to slow down drivers. // CH Sentinel

Latest letters from residents in Citrus Heights address Councilman Bret Daniel’s controversial remarks on homelessness, as well as speed humps and the future of Sunrise Mall.

Councilman’s comments on homeless were out of line
[RE: No, homeless aren’t ‘idiots.’ They need our help; Letters, July 11th] I read the letter from another resident concerning what one of our city council member’s said: Get the homeless idiots out of our city. This guy should not be in charge of any city.

Homelessness is not a choice for many living on our streets. The few that are the cause of most incidents involving homeless problems are known to police. Don’t be so sure about the comments of the idiot who said… Homeless people are the idiots. You’re the idiot, sir!
-Lori Gilbert, Citrus Heights

Speed humps needed on Mariposa Avenue
[RE: City continues multi-million dollar roadway upgrades near Citrus Heights schools; July 4th] The sidewalks are nice, however people ignore the stop signs on Mariposa Ave. I think it’s time to put speed humps at each stop sign, as this will slow down the stop sign runners.
-Leon Barrow, Citrus Heights

Sunrise Mall should be modeled after Folsom Palladio
[RE: City indicates future of Sunrise Mall could include residential-commercial mix; July 7th] It is my belief that the future of the Sunrise Mall and MarketPlace would be a great benefit to the community if it was to be developed into a carbon copy of the Folsom Palladio.
– Kelly Dunn-Goligowski, Citrus Heights

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