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Citrus Heights Police Logs: graffiti, gift card scam, neighbor trouble

By Rylie Friesen-
Latest police logs include a woman reportedly dumping cat food into a nature preserve, trouble with neighbors, and a resident being threatened by an unknown caller who demanded he buy gift cards at Target.

The following is a summary of select incidents listed in the Citrus Heights Police Department’s daily incident bulletins for July 16, 2019.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019: Total of 60 incidents reported. Incident report categories of note: 9 calls regarding suspicious activities, 8 disturbance-related, 12 homeless-related, 3 petty thefts, 7 reports suspicious vehicles, 2 vandalism related, 2 reports fraud-forgery, 4 collisions, and 2 reports of stolen vehicles.

12:07 a.m., Disturbance Noise, Old Oak/Larwin. Police were contacted shortly after midnight about a noise complaint involving someone “outside sawing for the past hour.”

6:45 a.m., Graffiti Public Property, Antelope/Lichen. Police were contacted about a man who was reportedly spray painting a wall behind McDonald’s along Interstate 80 near Antelope Road. Police were advised the man was potentially under the influence, because he was repeatedly “throwing gang signs at passing vehicles and acting odd.” 

6:46 a.m., Suspicious Circumstances, Costco on Auburn Blvd. Police were notified that a woman has been going to the nature preserve near Costco and “dumping cat food inside the preserve.” The caller was worried about more strays being drawn to the area.

9:35 a.m., Vandalism, McDonald Field on Old Auburn Rd. A caller contacted police after wood paneling had reportedly been ripped off the dugouts in McDonald Field. Police were advised it was likely “transients attempting to gain access to sleep.”

11:46 a.m., Disturbance Verbal, Talbot Wy. A resident called police after their neighbor reportedly came through an unlocked door and “walked around their house and started cussing at [their] contractor.” Police were advised it was an ongoing problem with the neighbor.

1:38 p.m., Suspicious Circumstances, Rusch Park on Auburn Blvd. Police were called after a man was observed “sitting in his vehicle for over an hour watching children.”

5:43 p.m., Disturbance Verbal, Pacheco Wy. Police were contacted after an unknown male reportedly called a resident and demanded he “go to Target and buy gift cards or he’ll be arrested.” The resident was advised by police that this was a known scam and was told not to buy the gift cards.

8:02 p.m., Petty Theft, Sally Beauty Supply on Sunrise Blvd. A mother and daughter reportedly stole a dozen items from Sally Beauty Supply and then drove off in a white Mercedes Benz.

9:04 p.m., Fraud/Forgery, FoodMaxx on Sunrise Blvd. Police were notified that a 35-year-old man reportedly tried to pass $200 in counterfeit money at FoodMaxx. The man said he did not know the bills were fraudulent.

9:24 p.m., Disturbance Noise, Hillspire Ct. Police were contacted after two hours of loud music and yelling were heard coming from a residential court near Twin Creeks Park.

9:25 p.m., Assault, Shell Gas Station at Sunrise/Greenback. Dispatchers received a call with several individuals overheard yelling in the background and items being thrown around. A female asked for police and then the line disconnected. No further details were included in the log entry.

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Note: The Sentinel compiles summaries of select local police incident bulletins each week as a service to the public, based on data available from CHPD. Police advise that the information included in daily bulletins are summaries of calls for service for each day, with information “deemed confidential” not included in the record. CHPD states that the information noted on its daily bulletins is what was reported to police by callers, or in person, and therefore “may or may not actually reflect the true content of an incident.”

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