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LETTERS: homeless, stop signs, Sunrise Mall, event center

Latest letters to the editor from Citrus Heights Sentinel readers include comments regarding the city’s efforts to help homeless, a recommendation to make Sunrise Mall an indoor event center, and a request for a new four-way stop on Van Maren Lane.

Sunrise Mall would make a great indoor event center
Our family has lived in Citrus Heights for 53 years. All of us attended local schools and graduated from San Juan High, so we remember when the Mall was built and we have all avidly shopped at Sunrise Mall all these years. It is located 5 minutes from my and our mom’s house. My first two jobs out of high school were at Sunrise.

This mall is very important to our community, and I fear the loss of it would be devastating. Yes, the loss of Sears didn’t hit just Sunrise Mall, but most malls. That empty building needs to find a use and quick. It should be turned into an ‘Event Center’. For example, when it is raining, the Farmers Market can be held inside, and once people are ‘inside’ the mall, they might run pick up that pair of shoes they have been meaning to buy for that special occasion.

There used to be so many activities at the Mall that brought people there. It was a central meeting spot. As teens, we would all go to the movie theater to see ‘Jaws’, ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, etc., and then afterward head over to Farrells for some taffy and ice cream! Then, after that you might head behind the mall to the Sunrise Rollerland! There were ‘good clean fun’ things you could do all day long!

I have created a website for us to share of memories and pictures and hopes for the future of Sunrise Mall. So please feel free to join for our ‘Locals’ or those who that may have moved away but still have fond memories to share:
-Barbara Morarity-Van Dyke, Citrus Heights/Fair Oaks

Homeless Navigator program comes with problems
The homeless navigator and Citrus Heights police I feel are really putting on a bad show to pacify a good image. Not one homeless person I have asked (100 or so) would have any problem with giving Toni due credit. But the realty is she hasn’t helped.

It hasn’t got nothing at all to do with confidential issues. Not one homeless person would be shamed by receiving any help from the navigator, or police, or the City of Citrus Heights. I don’t want help personally, but most of the homeless would. How do you get the clothes from your clothing drive? That never gets to any of us either?

Two types of homeless is straight-up nonsense: you’re in a home or you’re out here get pushed away and harassed by police. I didn’t want to write this, but you keep on telling story after story about the navigator. I’m sure she wants to be excelling at her job, but she can’t with her available resources.

I’m sure I’ll be a target now and should hide, but it’s your city tax dollars that are not being accounted correctly. I know that you want to really know the truth, ask any homeless person in Citrus Heights, please. I’m not leaving and I won’t be quit now either. I believe the navigator’s heart is in the right place, but she don’t have the support.
Craig Douglas Hoppe, homeless in Citrus Heights

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Van Maren Lane needs a new signal or stop sign
I would like to see a signal light or stop signs (to create a 4-way stop) on Van Maren Lane at Kittery Avenue/Campfire Way to allow pedestrians to cross safely. This would also be safer for vehicles when slowing/stopping to turn onto Kittery/Campfire. Van Maren Lane raises height at Kittery/Campfire and becomes two lanes at that point, heading towards Auburn Boulevard. The only other (3-way) stop along Van Maren is at Calvin Drive. A secondary stop on Van Maren Lane would/should also calm speeders who constantly drive over the speed limit. I would also like to see the faded white bike lane strip repainted all the way down Van Maren Lane!
-Mary Florentine, Citrus Heights

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