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More Letters: Sunrise Mall, homeless shelter, Sylvan Corners

Latest letters from Citrus Heights residents continue discussion about homelessness and future development at Sylvan Corners and Sunrise Mall.

Turn the old Sears building into a homeless shelter
Cities inefficiently spend millions to shelter a tiny fraction of the homeless. For the Sears ground floor level, go on Craigslist and buy dozens of used travel trailers at $5-10,000 each. They have a queen bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

On the lower and upper Sears floors, build hundreds of simple, comfortable cubicles. The City of Citrus Heights can provide on-site life-improvement services. This could completely centralize our homeless issues, and include surrounding communities. Federal funds are available to reduce the operating cost. A rather cost-effective, smart, efficient, manageable way to address an elusive issue.
-John Bain, Citrus Heights

Here’s how to make Sunrise Mall great again
We all know how online shopping and Roseville’s Galleria have taken a hit to Sunrise Mall, but we can get people back to the Sunrise by making it an experience that will make people come. Like making Sears an outdoor water park, adding VR to a stand, building a Chick-fil-A in the mall’s parking lot, rent lots to make offices, adding a 12-screen theater with 8K and nice seats. Adding new shops, like Forever 21, and even adding a buffet. There are a lot of opportunities with land.
-Andy Garcia, Citrus Heights

Roseville Galleria is thriving, why can’t Sunrise Mall?
I totally agree with Deena Crawford regarding the Sunrise Mall. The mall has been “dying” for years and the owners nor the Citrus Heights Board seem to care. This mall, if remodeled correctly, would be such a boom to Citrus Heights and the surrounding areas.

The Roseville Galleria and The Fountains are thriving. Why can’t the new owners look at those malls and take what they have done right and update our mall? It would be very sad if this mall were to disappear. A lot of businesses have left Citrus Heights with so many buildings left vacant. Why? I think the board needs to have a frank discussion as to why businesses are leaving and determine a solution.
-Linda DiBernardo, Citrus Heights

My message to fellow homeless
This is a question to you homeless people who can’t figure out why people are against you. You leave your trash camps and your drug paraphernalia every where you sleep. You steal anything you want and fight with each other all hours of the day or night. Then you wonder why no one wants you around. Hmmmmm! By the way, I am homeless and you all make me embarrassed to admit that.
-Craig Douglas Hoppe, Citrus Heights

Sylvan Corners lot would be great for a sports complex
I think it would be a great idea for the community and our future children to have a really good sports complex for soccer and baseball at the old Sylvan Middle School lot. Maybe even volleyball. Have bathrooms and a good snack stand to raise money. That would be the best thing to improve the area, plus, we don’t have anything like that really for the kids.
-Natlie Wardelman, Citrus Heights

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