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Krazy Rolls to open new location in Sunrise Mall

Krazy Rolls has announced plans to open in the former location of Cinnabon at Sunrise Mall.

By Thomas J. Sullivan–
It won’t be long before the scent of hot, fresh cinnamon rolls returns to fill the air around the food court at Sunrise Mall.

Albert Vega, owner of Krazy Rolls, a Modesto-based maker of handmade, fresh cinnamon rolls announced plans to open in the former 700-square foot location of Cinnabon in Sunrise Mall in late August or early September. Vega told The Sentinel he recently signed a three-year lease with Sunrise Mall management.

The Sunrise Mall location will be the third retail location for Krazy Rolls, which began in 2018. A second location in Stockton is scheduled to open in mid-July. Construction at Sunrise Mall is likely to begin after Vega opens his new Stockton store.

“I hope that Krazy Rolls is just the beginning of many more tenants to come for Sunrise Mall,” said Vega. He said the mall management has been supportive in determining what physical renovations and improvements his new leased location may require.

Susie Rodgers, Sunrise Mall general manager, and Kathilynn Carpenter, executive director of the Sunrise MarketPlace, announced Vega’s new lease agreement to open Krazy Rolls at the former Cinnabon location this week.

“We’re excited to welcome Krazy Rolls to the Sunrise Mall,” Carpenter said.

Krazy Rolls’ new location is situated at the right corner entrance to the mall’s food court, a few steps away from the Baskin-Robbins ice cream store. It will fill one of three current vacancies in the food court. The Espresso Bar at Sunrise is located directly across from the planned new Krazy Rolls location.

Krazy Rolls specializes in baking handmade fresh cinnamon rolls on-site.

Vega and a business partner, who rose through the ranks at Cinnabon, finished graduate business school and opened their first Krazy Rolls in 2018.

The pair decided to go out on their own with the idea that their customers might not want to not settle for just a simple cinnamon roll, but would prefer to build their own delicious treat.

Priced under $5, their basic cinnamon rolls are offered in two varieties, pure cinnamon or cinnamon with chocolate. Frostings include cream cheese, caramel and mocha.

“Customers can drizzle or sprinkle their roll with a variety of frostings, syrups and toppings,” Vega said. “Fresh fruit toppings will also be a choice, for an added price,” he said.

“We hand craft our simply awesome dough daily using the finest ingredients,” Vega said. “A special cinnamon mix gives our cinnamon rolls a truly magical taste in every bite.”

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The City of Citrus Heights is currently pursuing a General Plan amendment to address future development in the Sunrise Mall area, with officials citing a 30 percent vacancy rate at the mall and the need for a comprehensive plan to guide cohesive development in the future.

Vega said he was aware of Sunrise Mall’s vacancy rate, but said he sees great promise in the mall’s overall future.

“Management is trying very hard to attract new lessees,” he said. “They were very helpful and willing to work with me.”

A sample menu can be viewed online at

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