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Homeless camps, blight drawing attention of Code Enforcement on Old Auburn Rd.

7880 Old Auburn Rd.
The property at 7880 Old Auburn Rd. in Citrus Heights currently sits vacant, with deteriorating conditions visible outside. // Thomas J. Sullivan

By Thomas J. Sullivan–
The site of a former chiropractic office at 7880 Old Auburn Rd. in Citrus Heights sits vacant in tall overgrown weeds near Sunrise Boulevard.

Evidence of an active homeless encampment, including piles of clothing and trash around an outlying building on the property, is visible to passers-by, as is the presence of police vehicles that were seen again at the location on Wednesday.

According to Sgt. James Evans of the Citrus Heights Police Department’s Code Enforcement team, 7880 Old Auburn Rd. has been an active code enforcement case file since the former Creekside Chiropractic Offices ceased operations there and moved out in 2013.

The four-bedroom, one-bath residence was built in 1946 on a 18,095-square-foot lot and is listed for sale by the Roseville-based Thomas March Home Selling Group.

Interior building photos and an aerial view of the property site available on multiple on-line realtor listings show several well-appointed office rooms, a large reception area and a detached outside storage building. Photos of the site can be viewed on, where the property is listed for $290,000.

Sergeant Evans told The Sentinel that the property’s real estate broker has been “repeatedly telephoned” by code enforcement, but he said “they have been unresponsive.”

The Thomas March Home Selling Group is affiliated with Keller Williams Real Estate, at 548 Gibson Drive, Suite 200 in Roseville, but March himself works off-site. The Sentinel provided recently taken photographs of the property at 7800 Old Auburn Blvd. to his Roseville office for comment.

March, contacted by telephone, was asked whether he was aware of multiple efforts by Code Enforcement officers to contact him regarding cleanup of the property. “The property at 7880 Old Auburn Rd. is an active listing, but otherwise, I have no comment,” he said.

March, has a prominent billboard sign on the property and is marketing the listing as a business and investment opportunity for a home-based single-operator-type business as a medical, dental or legal office. The property is zoned RD-20, so a multi-unit property could be developed on the site, March says in the property listing.

Code Enforcement is part of the Citrus Heights Police Department’s ongoing Problem Oriented Policing (POP) program.

“It’s a lengthy process to take action against a property owner,” Evans said. “We investigate each complaint and then contact the owner, to whom we give notice to comply with the concerns identified by city Code Enforcement.”

“By law, the property owner is then given appropriate time to comply. If they fail to clean up the property, Code Enforcement provides summons notice to the property owner that the City of Citrus Heights will perform the cleanup itself and bill the property owner at their expense.”

Police say further action will be taken by Code Enforcement at the property.

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