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LETTER: Concrete strip makes turn lane near Kohl’s impossible to navigate safely

A Google Streetview image shows a narrow entrance to a turn lane on San Juan Avenue in Citrus Heights.

Letter submitted by Craig D. Allen–
If you’re going north on San Juan Avenue towards Greenback Lane, the left-hand turn cut-out going into the Kohl’s parking lot is impossible to make going the speed limit or even half the speed limit. It looks like at some point they reversed a southbound left turn lane to a northbound left turn lane without redesigning it, causing the opening to be only two lengths long.

So many cars have hit the concrete island that it has worn down. All the city needs to do is grind down this 8-inch wide sliver of concrete for 20 feet or so in order to make it a safe road, but so far only crickets out of city hall on when they might fix this.

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