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LETTERS: Citrus Heights roads, Middleton lawsuit

Latest letters from Citrus Heights Sentinel readers address the condition of local roads, as well as Councilwoman Porsche Middleton’s legal fight with the city.

City should prioritize repaving major roadways
[RE: Here’s the list of streets Citrus Heights is slated to repave in the next year; May 4th] Our main avenues through our cities are embarrassing, Sunrise Boulevard and Madison Avenue. Many drivers use these roads to get to Folsom and Roseville; take a look at their roads, the upkeep is superior to ours.

I know we don’t have the tax base those cities have, but something has to be done to improve the main veins our traffic travels. Our vehicles are paying the price, not to mention our wallets. As always we pay more and get less.
-Rod Gonzales, Fair Oaks

Section of Van Maren Lane worse than unpaved roads
[RE: Here’s the list of streets Citrus Heights is slated to repave in the next year; May 4th] Van Maren Lane from Kittery to Auburn Boulevard is worse than some unpaved roads I’ve driven. Can’t imagine why it’s not on this list of roads to be repaired/repaved.
-Ted Pendlebury, Citrus Heights

City’s election spat with Middleton was ridiculous
[RE: City of Citrus Heights ordered to pay $15k over election spat with Middleton; May 4th] For the city manager to determine that Middleton’s title was unacceptable, to me, was egregious. That is putting it lightly, because I am sure we all have our suspicions as to the real reason this attempt to block Middleton was made. But what it came down to is, the people of our city responded, showing that we would not sit by and allow this ridiculous act to stand.

I am proud to have voted for Middleton, I made sure to be there when she was sworn in. If anything, the city manager’s office shed a light on their pettiness, giving Middleton an even bigger stage to prove she was the best candidate for the job.
-Erin Darby Spencer, Citrus Heights

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