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LETTER: Saddened by decision to cancel annual Citrus Heights parade

Harmer family, Red White and Blue Parade
The Harmer family is known for their extravagant float entries in the Citrus Heights Red, White & Blue Parade. Pictured, a Flintstones-themed float by the Harmer family won the Mayor’s Award in the 2017 parade. // CH Sentinel

Letter submitted by Wayne Harmer, Rancho Cordova–
[RE: Citrus Heights says 2019 Red, White & Blue Parade won’t be happening; Feb. 3rd]  Some of you may know me and my family. I go by the tag, Float Master. I am very sad of the news that one of the best-organized parades in Northern California, has been canceled. We spend six months building our parade float, and our first stop is Citrus Heights, California.

I have been to many parades, including military parades, in my life, and I have never seen ANY issue the way this parade has been run. We were towing our float at 10 mph, 15 miles each way, to be in your parade. As I said, My family is very sad.

That being said, this year we are doing the 80-year anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, complete with my little sister as the witch (fits her), and a large water fountain, man behind the curtain, a flying monkey, (grandson) and a real-looking, spinning Tornado. Please let us know, if your parade is back on! Thank you… The Harmer Family.

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By Julie Naughton, Citrus Heights–
I used to be proud of our city… a family place that engendered respect for country, community and traditional notions of good. Moves like ending our annual parade is a step toward creating a cold, bland, liberal landfill for wannabe suburbanites with superficial values. WHAT IS THE POINT?

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