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Citrus Heights News Briefs: Cannabis, flags, motorcyclist, arrests

Members of the Citrus Heights Police Department pose for a photo on Jan. 29, 2019, while donating bike helmets to The Fish. Helmets will go to survivors of the Paradise fire. // Credit: CHPD

Latest local news briefs include an update on the motorcyclist who was involved in a major injury collision on Oak Avenue, old flags being replaced by a “mystery patriot,” more bait arrests, change in leadership in the Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce, and more.

Motorcyclist involved in major injury collision expected to live
The motorcyclist who was critically injured in a collision on Oak Avenue on Monday is still listed in critical condition with a head injury but is expected to survive, Citrus Heights Police Sgt. Shaun Gualco told The Sentinel in an email update on Friday. The collision involved a motorcyclist and a pickup truck, leaving the motorcyclist hospitalized and Oak Avenue closed down for several hours. Gualco said motorcyclists are required by law to wear a U.S. Department of Transportation safety helmet and said riders are three times more likely to survive a head injury when wearing such helmets. He did not specify whether the motorcyclist involved in the Jan. 28 collision was wearing a helmet or not.

DeMattei stepping down as head of Citrus Heights Chamber
The executive director of the Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce, Cendrinne DeMattei, will be stepping down from her position on Feb. 8. DeMattei had served as head of the Chamber since taking the position in November 2017. In an email to The Sentinel, DeMattei said she is leaving in order to resume working with her husband as business development manager for the Chris DeMattei Real Estate Team. She said an interim executive director for the Chamber has not yet been identified.

KCRA: old flags in Citrus Heights being replaced by ‘mystery patriot’
Several residents in Citrus Heights have reported that old flags hung outside their homes are being mysteriously replaced with new ones. Resident Ivy Clark told KCRA in a Jan. 30 interview that the American flag outside her home had been replaced and that she knew of four other neighbors who had experienced the same. “I actually cried when it happened,” she told the news station. “It’s coming from a place of love and patriotism for our country.” She said she wanted to keep the patriotic gesture going, and said now that it had happened to her, she may be the next person to replace a flag for someone else. (See KCRA video)

Frost slams ‘deceptive’ marijuana ad for using her name
Supervisor Sue Frost, who represents Citrus Heights and surrounding communities on the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, accused a cannabis advocacy group of deceptively using her name in a Facebook ad. The ad, posted by Hawthorne Gardening Co., a cannabis advocacy group, says “Sacramento County District Supervisor Sue Frost wants to hear from residents regarding what Sacramento County should do about the adoption of Proposition 64.” The ad then directs users to a link and says “let your voice be heard.”

Frost posted a screenshot of the ad on her Facebook page on Wednesday, saying “While I absolutely DO love to hear from you about this, and every other issue before me, this well-funded advertisement was not sent by me, and your responses are not read by me. This is an underhanded tactic used by organizations to sway public opinion and to trick people.” CBS 13 also interviewed Frost and published a story about the ad on Jan. 31. (See CBS 13 story)

More Briefly:

  • Bait arrests. CHPD announced the arrest of three more suspects using bait, one of which was a repeat offender who had stolen bait in 2017.  (See Facebook post)
  • Bike helmets. CHPD teamed up with 103.9 The Fish to help donate bicycle helmets to survivors of the Paradise Fire. (See Facebook post)
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