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LETTER: I’m homeless, and the ‘Navigator program’ in Citrus Heights isn’t working

homeless camp
File photo, a 72-hour notice posted next to a homeless camp off Mariposa Avenue in Citrus Heights. // CH Sentinel

Submitted by Craig Douglas Hoppe, Citrus Heights–
[RE: Q&A: Can Citrus Heights police still enforce camping ban after 9th Circuit Court ruling?]   I’ve been homeless in Citrus Heights for going on 14 years and know most of the homeless. I can honestly say that I know of only one person that’s off the streets from this homeless Navigator program. Not 100.

I’m not sure what they spend money on except to keep us as a criminal class on the crime logs, right along with theft, vandals, rape and murders. I don’t know why we get convicted or singled out as criminals before trial.

But other than that, who knows where the money is going. Sure ain’t to help any homeless in this city. It’s a “tremendous” failure.

*Note: The Citrus Heights Police Department has submitted a letter in reply to this letter. It can be read here: LETTER: Navigator program is working, but homeless have to want help

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