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LETTER: City’s $12M ‘paradigm shift’ opens door for more debt, taxes

Letter submitted by Barry Jackier, Citrus Heights–
[RE: Citrus Heights City Council approves first-ever $12M line of credit] Council member Jeannie Bruins’ “paradigm shift” to open a line of credit has the potential to be a disaster for this city.

We have prided ourselves on being debt-free since incorporating. With the line of credit to be used for operating expenses looms the prospect of higher taxes for businesses and residents to pay those expenses. We will then be like every other city that has incurred debt: spiraling taxes.

And what happens when future councils are not as frugal or care less about paying for projects as we go? I fear we have opened a door to a path I don’t think we should be on. I see looming disaster for this city.

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