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LETTER: I’m disgusted by the current political climate

Submitted by Citrus Heights resident Lynn Avery–
As a senior citizen of the United States and having lived in four different states in my life, I look at comparisons on many levels — but at this time the BIG comparison is “political feelings,” not political facts. As a United country we should be evaluating the missions of each party, not mean-spirited gossip based on sensationalism.

You never think you are really going to be “old,” however, if you are lucky and have reached old age, your hindsight becomes clear. How many seniors can remember such vitriolic and nasty slings and arrows that we are experiencing now?

My parents were registered as a Democrat and a Republican — I don’t remember who was who. They used to kid that they cancelled each other’s vote. They accepted the results. They trusted the system and that each party put up their best and for the same reasons.

When the winner was announced they also trusted that the newly elected person would do their best for the WHOLE country. After all, weren’t we all Americans and didn’t we want the collective best? Personal feelings weren’t even in the mix. The election was over and the newly elected would begin to do their job.

I am truly disgusted with the current political climate and the ridiculous dominant acceptance of the “political correctness.” There is no rational or needful reason for this incredible and stupid fad. Why did anyone “drink the Kool-Aid?” Why can’t we get back to “backing” the U. S. instead of trying to find a way to divide us?

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