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LETTER: Homeowners in Citrus Heights need to clean up their yards

Weeds growing, Citrus Heights
Weeds grow in front of a yard on a side street near Antelope Road. // CH Sentinel

Submitted by Citrus Heights resident Kim Davis–
[RE: Citrus Heights council votes 4-1 to move forward with mandatory rental inspections; Aug. 12th] The City is thinking about hiring someone to inspect rentals to help with the blight in Citrus Heights, but in my neighborhood it’s not the rentals that are the issue — it’s the homeowners that will not take care of their yards.

They will not water them due to the cost of water and they will not clean up the dead weeds, so it makes the whole neighborhood look bad. We have several homeowners that even keep their cars on the lawn.

If the City wants to help improve the neighborhoods, discuss what they can do to help homeowners clean up their yards.

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