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Citrus Heights Letters: repaving, politics, burgers, new veterans hall?

ARCO, Citrus Heights
A developer recently withdrew plans for constructing an ARCO gas station at the corner of Sunrise Boulevard and Sungarden Drive. // CH Sentinel

Latest letters from Sentinel readers discuss road repaving in Citrus Heights, burgers on Auburn Boulevard, criticism of an endorsement made by the mayor, and future potential for the property on Sunrise Boulevard formerly slated to become an ARCO gas station.

Street repaving should be prioritized better
[RE: Q&A: when will the roads be repaved in Citrus Heights? Sept. 20]  I think that the list of the residential streets needs to be done on a basis of the most used. Mariposa Avenue would be on that list (I have reported on a sink hole near Sylvan Valley which is getting bigger, but nothing has been done) and Highland Avenue (due to two new houses being built which tore up the road) near Mariposa.
-Laurie Butterfield, Citrus Heights

Citrus Heights mayor shouldn’t have endorsed in partisan race
[RE: Citrus Heights mayor offers early endorsement of Bera challenger; Jan. 11]   I feel this is wrong for our Mayor to endorse any candidate in his official position. I want our Mayor to represent all of us without any party affiliation. It should be a personal endorsement and not as an official of our city government. I no longer believe he represents me and will work to make sure he is replaced.
-Richard James, Citrus Heights

Old building could be turned into Veterans Memorial Hall
[RE: Developer withdraws controversial proposal for new ARCO on Sunrise Blvd; Sept. 13]  Well now that the ‘old’ bank building at Sungarden Drive and Sunrise Boulevard will not become a gas station, maybe we should start thinking of better uses for that building. Instead of tearing it down how about turning it into The Veterans Memorial Hall.

The American Legion Post 637, chartered in Citrus Heights in 1955, has yet to find a home of its own. We meet at churches, the library and now at city hall. I think that we could make a statement with that building. A statement that this city loves its veterans.
-Jim Monteton, Citrus Heights

Can’t wait for new Checker’s on Auburn Blvd to open
[RE: New burger joint gets green light from planning commission for Auburn Blvd; June 17]  I’m a huge fan of Checker’s/Rally’s and cannot wait for the chain to start here. Thank you Ben Aibudefe!
-Cody Wooten, North Highlands

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