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Citrus Heights Police Logs: stolen LEGOs, counterfeit money, ransom calls

Updated Sept. 15, 12:44 p.m.–
Latest police logs include reports of teenagers with a gun at a local park, a neighbor trimming grass “with scissors,” attempted assault with a truck, and a fraudulent phone call demanding ransom money from a parent.

The following is a summary of select incidents listed in the Citrus Heights Police Department’s daily incident bulletins for Monday, August 27, 2018. Additional logs for Aug. 21 through Aug. 26 are linked below.

Monday, August 27, 2018: Total of 70 incidents listed.
Incident report categories of note: 22 calls regarding suspicious activities, 18 disturbance-related, 4 homeless/transient-related, 2 petty thefts, 1 grand theft, 4 burglaries, 5 assaults, and no reports of domestic violence.

12:53 a.m., Suspicious Circumstances, Arborelle Apartments, Sunrise Blvd. Police received a report regarding two men seen trying to break down a fence to gain access to an empty lot, adjacent to an apartment complex on the 8000 block of Sunrise Boulevard. No disposition listed.

1:37 a.m., Assault with a weapon, Cobalt/Winlock. A female caller told police she had just been almost run over by a man in a black truck, who then proceeded to follow her. The incident was classified as an attempted assault with a deadly weapon. No disposition listed.

6:17 a.m., Disturbance Loitering, Sunrise Animal Hospital, Sunrise Blvd. An employee at an animal hospital near Sunrise Boulevard and Old Auburn Road reported that a transient was sleeping in the doorway of the business, causing her to be unable to get into the front door. No disposition listed.

8:04 a.m., Suspicious Circumstances, Aspen View Ct. Police were notified that a neighbor was observed in a nearby yard “trimming the grass with scissors.” The incident was reported shortly after 8 a.m. in a housing area near Van Maren Park. No disposition listed.

9:41 a.m., Suspicious Circumstances, Fallwood Wy. The owner of a landscape company came into the police station to report having been shorted $40 by a customer. He also discovered that all but $20 had been paid to him in counterfeit dollars, which he brought with him to show police. No disposition listed.

10:27 a.m., Stolen Vehicle, Greenback Manor Apartments, Greenback Ln. A vehicle was reported stolen overnight from the Greenback Manor Apartments on the 7500 block of Greenback Lane. No disposition listed.

11:18 a.m., Suspicious Circumstances, Madera Park, Wonder St. Police were notified that a group of teenagers were seen at Madera Park with a gun. No disposition listed.

12:06 p.m., Fraud/Forgery, Heritage Tree Ln. Police were notified that a parent had just received a phone call from someone who said he kidnapped their daughter and was demanding ransom. Police were advised that the parent had just picked up their daughter from school. The caller had said he was “Diablo with the Mexican mafia.” No disposition listed.

2:02 p.m., Burglary Vehicle, Carrington College, Greenback Ln. Police were informed of a vehicle burglary in the Carrington College parking lot, involving a window being smashed and approximately $1,000 worth of items being taken. No disposition listed.

3:02 p.m., Petty Theft, Barnes and Noble, Sunrise Bl. A suspect driving a lime green 4-door vehicle reportedly took $170 worth of LEGOs from the store. In-person police contact was requested. No disposition listed.

Full logs: Aug. 21 | Aug. 22 | Aug. 23 | Aug. 24 | Aug. 25 | Aug. 26 | Aug. 27

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Note: The Sentinel compiles summaries of select local police incident bulletins each week as a service to the public, based on data available from CHPD. Police advise that the information included in daily bulletins are summaries of calls for service for each day, with information “deemed confidential” not included in the record. CHPD states that the information noted on its daily bulletins is what was reported to police by callers, or in person, and therefore “may or may not actually reflect the true content of an incident.”

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