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Q&A: What’s with that pink house on Antelope Road in Citrus Heights?

Pink house, Citrus Heights
The “pink house” is located on the corner of Antelope Road and Rosswood Drive in Citrus Heights. // CH Sentinel

By Bethany Reeves–
The house on the corner of Antelope Road and Rosswood Drive is stunningly pink. Built in 1958 and painted a bright raspberry color several years ago, the 940-square-foot house was recently listed for sale at $290,000 — meaning it might not remain the same color for long with a new owner.

Lanis J. Lyons has owned the four-bedroom house since 2000, when he purchased it for just over $100,000. At the time, he said the house was a terracotta color.

Years after buying the property, he hired a painter to paint the exterior of the house and the front wall. Lyons told The Sentinel he was in his home state of Idaho at the time, and returned to find both the house and the wall coated in pink.

“We were going for a barn red color,” the homeowner said.

He remembered his neighbor’s mother-in-law calling him while he was still in Idaho, before he had seen the color of the house. “There’s a lineup of men outside your house,” he recalled her saying, explaining she was implying that it looked like “a house of ill-repute.”

Not satisfied with the color, Lyons had the lighter pink front wall repainted gray within the year, but the house color is still the same.

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He explained that he’s been recognized at area restaurants as the owner of “the pink house,” noting that women tend to like his home’s unusual color a lot more than men do.

The house was listed for sale through Tom Daves Team Realty a little over a month ago, and a sale is already pending. The realtor couldn’t be reached for comment on Saturday.

As to whether or not the new owners will keep the color, Lyons is unsure. He plans to move back to Idaho by the end of July or August.

A neighbor who owns an adjacent house shared that she had lived next to the house for 20 years.

“I offered to repaint it,” she said, describing her initial reaction to the color. Although people used to honk and yell about degrading state of the neighborhood, it seems that most have grown accustomed to it now.

“At this point, it doesn’t really matter. It’s their house,” she said.

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