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Report of ‘gun brandishing’ at Citrus Heights Target store draws heavy police response

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Sentinel staff report–
Eight police units along with an air unit responded to a call about an 18-year-old allegedly brandishing a firearm in front of the Citrus Heights Target store on Monday afternoon, although police soon determined the incident involved a BB gun that wasn’t brandished or pointed at anyone.

Lt. David Gutierrez said loss prevention personnel at the store contacted police around 5:07 p.m. on Monday regarding an incident described as “brandishing of a firearm” outside the Target store at 5837 Sunrise Blvd. He said the teen involved was detained and searched by police, and was “totally compliant” with officers.

While police did not find a firearm, Gutierrez said a BB gun was found “in close proximity to him.” However, a police investigation determined he “didn’t brandish it or point it at anybody.”

Although not charged with any gun-related violations, the teen was ultimately arrested for violation of probation as well as “carrying a concealed dirk or dagger,” due to police finding him in possession of a concealed fixed-blade knife, which the lieutenant said is a felony.

According to California Penal Code Section 21310, “any person in this state who carries concealed upon the person any dirk or dagger is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year.”

Gutierrez clarified that individuals “can carry an exposed knife in a sheath, but not in a concealed manner.” Most small pocket knives and folding knives are also legal to be concealed in California, unless the blade is exposed and locked into position.

Asked about the heavy police response to Monday’s incident, Gutierrez said any call regarding the brandishing of a firearm is high priority for police “because we have to assume it’s a real gun until we determine otherwise.”

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